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Mr. Izhar Ben Sasson - MANAGER
Entrepreneur in the field of renewable energies. Started the  the campus for environmental studies for gifted high school students at the Ruppin College. Developer and manager of co-generation sites in biomass technology and construction of power plants to generate electricity from organic waste. Pilot in Israeli general aviation until 2015. A leading and determined social activist in the struggle for the rights of asylum seekers in Israel.
Dr. Daniel Gateno – R&D MANAGER

Dr. Daniel Gateno has gained his Doctorate in Marine Ecology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem after extensive studies and researches focusing on biology, oceanography and ecology completed in several countries such as Costa Rica, Peru, Israel and the UK. After settling in Israel, Dr. Gateno has been lecturing at different important institutions such as the Oranim College, the School of Marine Sciences and the Open University. Since 2012, he is a co-founder of Aqualink Ltd.

Dr. Yael Barki – CONSULTANT


Yael has a doctorate in Biology at the University of Tel Aviv and her main activity is at the Green Network where she deals with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for environmental and social change in all the societies in Israel. Since 2012, she is a co-founder of Aqualink Ltd. and is involved in the Product Development and external consultant for Aqualink Ltd.

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