Mr. Dan Barki is a senior engineer highly specialized in plastic processing technology and machineries. He has worked in the plastic industry field for over 50 years thus acquiring a high profile portfolio of clients and projects all over the world. He is the founder and director of Globedragon Technology Ltd., an engineering company and global leading provider in plastic molding and technologies. In 2011 Mr. Barki founds Milan Springs PTE Ltd., a company specialized in water dispensers, in which he is the director and leads the Product Development team. Since 2012, he is the investor, Director, and external consultant for Aqualink Ltd.

Dr. Daniel Gateno – R&D MANAGER

Dr. Daniel Gateno has gained his Doctorate in Marine Ecology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem after extensive studies and researches focusing on biology, oceanography and ecology completed in several countries such as Costa Rica, Peru, Israel and the UK. After settling in Israel, Dr. Gateno has been lecturing at different important institutions such as the Oranim College, the School of Marine Sciences and the Open University. Since 2012, he is a co-founder of Aqualink Ltd.