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Water is also called the universal solvent because of the wide variety and not selective amount of compounds that it dissolves. This central feature is what makes water so essential for life but also may turn it problematic and even dangerous in some cases.

The same water that dissolves tea, sugar and other nutrients that are good for our health might also have dissolved some compounds that are not good for our health. There is also the possibility of pathogen microorganisms that may cause illness. For this reason, most drinking water supply contains chlorine in order to reduce the risk of contamination. Unfortunately, these chemicals remain in the water as we drink it.


The identification of the contaminants is not an easy task. The list is large, they vary from place to place and the concentrations may be very low, but not because of this they are risk-free.


Water treatment is not a simple issue either. It is, rather, a delicate balancing act. We at Aqualink are constantly looking for better solutions in order to supply you and your family with the healthiest and tastiest water.


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